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E2 Visa Renewal:
Investors and Employees of the same nationality





​E2 renewal applications are generally made in the same consulate as the first visa but not always.  

Example: first visa issued in Paris (French and Spanish candidates) and renewal carried out in Madrid or the applicants purchased a residence after liquidating their assets in France. 

In this specific case, renewal requests in Madrid are made by Fedex because the first visa was not issued in Spain and it will be treated as a new visa.  

It is therefore necessary to contact the appropriate consulate to check the application standards as well as the deadlines therein. 

A renewal must address all points of the e-2 visa regulations. 

This means that a number of important points from a financial and employment point of view must be demonstrated in order to continue: 

a/Present your corporate tax statements such as IRS1120 or IRS1040 for sole proprietors

   and your personal tax statements in some cases, latest P&L

b/The latest financial statement as well as the elements which fall under employment such as forms                   IRS941, W9, W2 as well as wage statements. 

In some cases an officer may ask you for proof of the initial investment made during the first e-2 visa issuance. 

In the vast majority here is what is required: 

1/forms DS160/DS156E

2/documents proving that the company E2 is still active;

3/the latest corporate tax statement which demonstrates that the business is profitable

4/the last pay statement of all employees;



It is sometimes possible to apply for a renewal in a country that is not your country of permanent residence. It depends on many things such as your nationality, the type of initial investment, the duration of your visa, the financial stability of your project, the number of employees you have hired, the success of your business etc. Some consulates are able to carry out renewals remotely without traveling, which can make things much less expensive and simpler at the same time. 

Let me evaluate your case ! 

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"This the second time we have renewed our E2 visa with Olivier. He charges a fair flat fee and ensures that the process runs smooth. He suggested a change of venue for us so we were able to fit the renewal process within the time constraints imposed by school vacations. The switch to ******* was awesome, 5 business days and much cheaper than having to fly the whole family to Spain for 3 weeks. He also ensured that our LLC is now the relevant company and not the franchise as it was on the original visa. This provides us with a much higher level of flexibility. He is always available and goes above and beyond to ensure a pleasant and smooth process. Highly recommend Olivier."

PIETER U, Dutch living in Florida

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