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Real estate investors

A real estate investment can result in an investor visa when certain parameters are present: 

  • You purchase at least 4 units built for rental purposes or to be remodeled and intended for resale; 

  • These units are in the same geographic region (county or state) 

  • These units have at least a return greater than the monthly living needs of the investor and his family; 

  • you have at least one full-time employee preferably with a real estate license to do rental management. 

  • you have a second employee who takes care of maintenance.


Sample listings 

Summerlin real estate
Summerlin Real estate las Vegas
Todd Paulk Agent Immobilier Las Vegas Summerlin

Ex: you Buy a little building of 5 units that you rent monthly. Each unit barns you a $2,000 income per month or $120,000 per year and you are a single investor


Ex: you buy 1 house at $1M and rent it to individuals. 

Ex; You buy 4 units in a building that you convert in Airbnb. You rent 1unit $100/night with a rate of occupancy of 70%.  

You purchase an existing business or create a new one which has potential to employ workers.

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