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Olivier Bernicat E2 E-2 visa consultant
FSI certificate Consular Training

Welcome  !  


I have been working in this field since 1992 and I possess excellent knowledge of the rules that govern foreign investors regarding the acquisition of property and businesses for the purpose of remaining in the United States temporarily or permanently. I work with individuals, businesses and law firms.


In 1994, the United States Department of State granted me a consular commission to carry out the tasks necessary for the evaluation of visa files and their approval or refusal. For this commission to be granted, it is necessary to pass an exam on knowledge of immigration regulations and implementation delivered by the Foreign Service Institute, the private training center for consular agents and diplomats, as well as obtaining a maximum security level.


I held a position as Consul-visas at the American embassy in New Delhi (India) as well as at the Consulate General in Casablanca (Morocco).


I am based in the Pacific Time zone (Paris -9hrs) and am available to answer any questions.  Contact me here 


Thank you and see you soon

Olivier Bernicat

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