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E2 visas:Meet at the embassy


The Interview 


You have submitted your E2 Visa application to the US embassy where you live and now it is time to talk about the interview with the consular officer. 

Consular officers are responsible for issuing visas to qualified applicants. Contrary to rumors, they are not paid to refuse them at random. 

Consular officers have the role of applying the rules established by the government regarding visas. They must determine the validity and seriousness of requests according to established criteria and generally do so without taking into account their personal opinion.


The resurgence of bogus (or even fraudulent) files remains a major problem in the context of investor files, which requires particular attention to each file. It is therefore important to present your case as professionally and directly as possible by mastering your specific case without flaws.


The interview with the officer gives you the opportunity to present yourself and your project in the best possible light. Don't miss the unique opportunity you have to show your enthusiasm and your committed involvement for the best results. 

The interview is carried out standing behind an armored window in an informal setting (see photo above). Communications take place via microphone. 

Your future depends on this interview. Are you ready ?

Let me prepare you for it using the White Glove service 




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