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E2 Visas: The Business plan

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Office Work
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A new business less than 2 years old must demonstrate its viability by presenting a 5-year business plan. 

A business plan established for an E-2 visa application at a US embassy should be both precise and minimal. 

A plan that is too complex or too elaborate does not respond to visa applications. We must limit the volume of information and limit ourselves to the essentials. 


The Good Tips

A business plan includes an editorial part as well as a part of graphics and financial charters. For E2 purposes you will need both. 

The plan is established in several sections: 

  • A summary of the company and concept

  • The objective to achieve 

  • The company’s mission

  • The keys to success ​

  • Who runs the company?

  • Upfront Fees

  • Products and services offered

  • Market analysis

  • Market segmentation

  • Your competitors

  • Website

  • Your strong and weak points

  • Market opportunities

  • Sales and costs

  • The staff

  • The numbers that lead you to success. ​

The most important points to present on a plan are  

The numbers and job opportunities. 

The plan presented must establish the substantiality as well as the non-marginality established by the regulations. 

This plan must allow an officer to quickly assess the conditions in which a company will be able to cope with all eventualities. 

Having previously drawn up plans in many areas, I am able to make a plan tailored to your needs in these areas in particular: 


  1. Laundromat

  2. Restaurant

  3. Bakery

  4. Food trucks

  5. Real estate agency*

  6. Nightclub

  7. Real estate management* 

  8. Retail store

  9. Warehouse

  10. Automotive service garage

* plans for the real estate sector are very specific and more complex to establish. 


A condensed plan of 10 pages maximum will therefore be welcome. 

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